Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Preview - Palawan, Philippine

I went to Palawan Island for a short trip last weekend. The blue blue sky and blue blue sea recalled me of the nice memories of Redang trip on May 2009...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

最开心的时刻 Most Happy Moment


Her most happy moment was when she saw the rainbow, his was watching his own company listed in stock market.
Your most happy moment is going back home, mine was when you ask me if I wanted to Jump...

Monday, September 21, 2009

混血 Half Blood


When my landlord move out, he left over some flowers outside the house. At first, I thought that these flowers will die off as no one is putting in effort to take care of them. Who knows, they still manage to grow up well and bloom with mixed color flowers.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

想象的力量 Power of Imagination


Just back from watching the movie "Gamer" and kinda like how it ends. This movie is talking about how a bad guy control other people's motion through his thoughts using a mind control technology.


At the end of the movie, the good guy is trying very hard to stab a knife into the bad guy's stomach but somehow stop by the bad guy's thought. The good guy then tells the bad guy :"Try to imagine that I'm stabbing the knife into your stomach". And guess what ? The knife slowly turned direction towards the bad guy that started to imagine on what he was being told.


I was stunned when I hear that speech. This is the power of imagination ! I had been reading articles and books that talk about examples on this but this movie scene just illustrated the best part out of it. This good guy is just so clever to use the weakness of the human's imaginary in order to save himself from death.


I told many friends that power of imagination is tremendously incredible. As long as we believe in what we want to achieve, then we will manage to do it by end of the day. After watching this movie, I'm just more firm that no matter what I'm going to do, as long as I'm firm and imagine the scene when I successfully achieve it, I'll be able to do it one day. =)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

婚礼摄影 Wedding Photography

去年文宾妮燕结婚时用S2 IS拍摄的照片
Photo taken last year during BP & NY's wedding with my S2 IS




This coming weekend will be a busy weekend. Many people will be hitting the road to go back kampung for Hari Raya celebration while my timetable is packed with photography sessions. On Sunday, I'm going to be Liang's wedding photographer at Nilai during day time while attending CP & SJ's wedding dinner back at Melaka.

Besides, so glad that JG manage to free up his time for casual version of wedding photo shooting session on Monday. Something that even surprised me is that he agreed to pay a visit to my kampung, Segamat for the photo shooting session. With this arrangement, I can go back home for holiday and also bring the couple to visit around Segamat at the same time, haha.

thanks to Liang & JG for giving me the chance to polish my photo shooting skills. I'll try my best to meet your expectation!