Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Santa Clara Trip Unofficial Report

I went to University Chicken for lunch with John Woodward & Shawn Phillips when I was in SC. This fast food restaurant sells chicken wings with 7 different level of spicy flavour. They named all the levels with name like "Global Thermo Neucler" or "Atomic", to let you know how spicy it is.

There is another hidden top level call "911", which means you need to call 911 for help to hospital after you eat this level of chicken wings. They make it a challenge & set some rules like :

1. You have to finish all 12 chicken wings in 10 mins
2. You must lick your finger clean after finished all chicken wings
3. No napkin or drink when you are eating
4. You must wait for 5 mins after finish with no drink or napkin

If you manage to make it, then you will get a free t-shirt from University Chicken, then they will take your photo & put it on the Hall of Frames together with all other 911 challenge winners.

Before you start eating, they make you signing a waiver, saying that you will release any reponsibilities to the shop for any unconforatble time after having those chicken wing, and the waiver is written in a funny way, sounds like : "I'm stupid enough to try this challenge..." or at the end of the waiver, they even put in the sentence " I'm really an idiot to do so" and make you sign under it.

I tried the challenge, but only managed to finsh 6.5 piece in 8 mins. Then I gave up, because I knew that I'm taking too long time to chew & swallow, which means that I cant finish all of them on time. It is not hot or sour, but taste like pepper spray. After finished 3 pcs, my nose start running & tears roll out from my eye.... The whole face is numb.....

The whole day after that, my stomach was burning. I went in and out the washroom for 4 times that day and another 2 times in the second day morning.... Even when I was lying on the bed in night, the stomach is hot !


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good try MW ... and good post ...

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