Saturday, July 18, 2009

就在你身边 Just around you

Sometime, something is just around you, but you are not aware of the existence. You go and search everywhere around you and you find it at nowhere.

I bought a 8GB pendrive few weeks ago. It turn away from me on the second week, refusing from detected by any computer. I planned to go change a new one from the computer shop after work, so I bring it and original receipt with me to office. The were kept in my drawer but I forget to bring it back as I was working very late that week and the computer shop is closed at the time I went home.

The week after that, I was quarantined at home. My pendrive was quarantined in my office's drawer for the entire week too. When I get back to work this week, I had been searching for the receipt as I only see the pendrive lying in the drawer. Thought that I had misplace it and can't find it back. Search through all the possible locations in the office as well as in my house but still can't locate it.

So, I gave up. I just put the pendrive on the table in my room, ignored it for few days thought maybe I will just throw it away next week if I still can't find its receipt. Somehow, I noticed that my wallet is thicker than normal when I was paying for my dinner tonight. The first thought was that i had been collecting too many small notes that make my wallet thick. Then I started to check my wallet to see what I had been keeping all the while...

Surprised ! The pendrive's receipt folded nicely in my wallet. I can't remember when I put it in there but seems like it had been there for more than 1 week. Luckily I never throw it away yet.

I knew that what I'm looking for is just somewhere around me. I just need more time to figure out and locate...


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