Friday, September 14, 2007

Power Efficiency Theory

This story started this April when I was still with my ex-boss. He was telling me the Power Efficiency Theory where he is looking for a better solution for the power transmission from a manager's input to an engineer's output. That time I know that the theory is not yet applicable to be so soon ( I think ).

Half year passed and I changed new boss. This theory was not mentioned by new boss because he is trying to get in touch more directly with his output. But, seems like recently he started to feel the pressure from all other counterparts and .... the theory starts to haunt me back.

It is not too surprising but still shock me a little bit when my lovely boss remind me of the Power Efficiency Theory today, specially when I try to talk to him regarding another issue. Seems like I'll need to pickup the transformer role and make the theory successful soon....

Hopefully this will not happen until I'm back from Texas.... ( >_< )


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