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州立医院游记 A trip to the state hospital


Thanks to H1N1, I get the chance to pay a visit to Melaka General Hospital. Since this visit tooked me 4 days and 3 nights, so let's make the story short -

星期日 Sunday


I was informed by the big boss early in the morning that Ah Yap's swap test result is positive and he had been sent to hospital the night before. The medical officers for Ministry of Health went to the plant for inspection and requested to quarantine everyone that went to Bali together with Ah Yap.


The medical officers only manage to get to my house after lunch. They checked my body temperature and pass me official quarantine order. I was informed that Ah Fatt & Heng was sent to hospital too before they come over to my house as they are having fever. Manage to understand from others that Ah Fatt was requested to be waded directly as he is having high fever while Heng can go back for home quarantine while waiting for the swap test result.


Midnight, I started to caught with fever. The body temperature suddenly shoot up to 39 degree Celsius. A sleepless night for me.

星期一 Monday


It was so hard for me to get off the bed in the morning. I still manage to answer some calls from the office and replied a few sms while I try to stay in bed. After packing some clothes and books, I called the medical officer to come and check my body temperature while having plain bread as my breakfast. The medical officer just simply checked my body temperature, signed the paperwork and asked me to drive myself to hospital. Thought I could have chance to get a free ride on ambulance with siren on !


I was requested to be waded after conversation with the doctor that performed swab test for me. Luckily I prepared all my necessities before hand. I had been sitting in the isolation area for 3 hours waiting for the ambulance to send me to the isolation wad, without any chance to drink, eat or even a pitiful toilet break ! Besides, still able to meet Toh that came to request for swab test. The doctor in-charged denied his request and send him back home.


I was so happy when entering the isolation wad. I was told by Lai the day before that there is no power plug in the wad but guess what ? I see 6 power plug in this wad ! No more worries for my cellphone batt to dry out and I was so regret that my laptop was left back home. Look around, find out that my aircond room has its own bathroom ( And a water heater! Was so disappointed when I find out that it was out of order ), extra washing basin in the room, air purifier, adjustable bed, a small window for nurse to pass in food or medicine, clean bath towel and standard patient clothes ( Altho I don't need this at all ).


Just a while after that, Dr Jaya came in to check me. He asked a lot of questions and took my blood sample. I was told that I'm high suspect case so they will start the medication for me immediately. At first I was wondering that what a complicated medication it will be, but when the nurse told me that what I need to do is just taking pills, I was relief.


Spend the rest of my lonely day by reading book, eat and bath. The only fun thing for me is to look at peoples in the small garden outside my window. Oya, not forgetting the phone calls and 100++ sms that fill my time too, thank you everyone for so concerning about me. I rather tell myself that everyone is concern about me instead of worrying if themselves had been infected by this big virus that was walking around the office frequently last week, haha !


The meal in hospital is not really that nice. It is not that I dislike Malay food, but I just feel like no appetite when only have 2 dish per meal. Luckily the friendly nurses are willing to supply me with enough mineral water or else I will be dying of thirst instead of H1N1 virus attack.

星期二 Tuesday


I was wake up by Heng's sms early in the morning, saying that we are moving to a shared wad soon later on. The nurse that went to check him first told him that my test result is positive. OMG, I still need to accompany that guy for next few days !!!


The new wad was very disappointing. I never imagine that the differences between isolation wad and normal quarantine wad is that big - No air-con just fans, my bed is so soft at the middle ( someone that sleep on it before must have a big backside ! ), there are only total of 4 power plugs in the room (and one of them had been used up for the blood pressure measuring machine), there is no table or chair for my bed (they expect me to have my meals by holding the meal container while eating), the room is only separated by a swing door where we need to hold the door when passing things in and make few rounds if there is a lot of things to pass in. The only thing that can make me feel happy is that the water heater for this room is functioning and there is Heng to talk to when I feel bored.

当早上巡房的医生被问到为何我们的抗菌药方不是闻名的TamiFlu,她直接翻白眼掉头走,根本没有想要解释的样子。好心,这是什么态度?医生的也要有医生的款,我们好歹也是病人耶,至少回答一下嘛…… 后来再向读药剂系的老杨询问后才知道那是本地的翻版货,药方和TamiFlu是一模一样的。

I asked the doctor that come to check us in the morning if the anti virus course that we are taking are the famous TamiFlu that proven to be a solution to the illness, she just turn herself and walk away. Come on, what attitude is that for a doctor ? You should at least answer the patient's question about the medicine they are taking ma... That your responsibility ler... Luckily I checked with old buddy Yong that is a pharmacy grad on the pills that we had been swallowing for days. He told me that the pill ingredient is exactly the same as TamiFlu, just that these are so called "pirated" version of TamiFlu which manufactured locally. Cheaper, he claimed.


It was a very boring experience to be in the quarantine wad. Non of the nurses came to check our condition for the whole day. Maybe they were just too busy to handle the 5 new patients and Yap's discharge ? At the same time, my body temperature raise back to 38 degree Celsius after stop taking the Paracetamol.


The only chance for me to get some sunshine is to stand beside the only window and look at children playing at the play ground. I was so moody wondering how should I spend the next 2 days before I can go back home. But that is not the worse. I received a call from company where I only hear someone keep on laughing non stop after I pickup. I was told that the HR held a communication session to update everyone on the latest status of this issue. My lovely photo was shown during the communication and everyone just cant hold their laugh when they saw my photo. The reason behind on why my photo was shown is that there is a guy was asking for it during previous communication session. He claimed that he had been in contact with so many person that he don't even know their names and he don't know if he had be in close contact with any of the confirmed case patients.

星期三 Wednesday


I told Dr Jaya about the ignorance on yesterday when he drop by in the morning. I was surprised that he asked us to feedback more on such information to him so that he knows how to talk to his nurses. Seems like he was so positive about taking feedback, I immediately complain to him about the nurse that refuse to provide me with more drinking water last night. She asked me to get my relative to buy the water and send in for me. If I'm a local maybe I can do that, but the problem is I'm not ler...


On this another boring day, the phone calls and sms that came in reduced a lot compared to the first day when I was admitted. So I aggressively call and sms back to get latest updates in the office. Was informed that more and more colleuges had been quarantined just because having contact with us. Some of them that fall sick even being send to hospital for swab test. Sorry ar everyone...


After lunch, both of us feel so boring hence we off the light and go to bed, again. When we are having our sweet dream, the room door suddenly opened wide. A very familiar face appeared in front of us, Toh ! He stand at the door and wave at us with a very stylish post, "Hello!" Both Heng and I just laugh out loud in a sudden with the other medical officers looked at us with big question marks on their faces. Toh point to us and told the others : "These are the peoples that spread the virus to me", pretending to be very mad with us.


Since we had been suffering for 3 days from seeing our friends, we started to inquire his sick story happily after he settled down. He told us that he had been taking breakfast and lunch together with Ah Fatt for 3 consecutive days last week. He believe that he was infected during that time. When we told him that we were having a boring life in the wad for 3 days, he volunteered to bring us some laughter by imitating Micheal Jackson's famous Moon Walk. His cute but real presentation makes us laugh out non stop, and our laughter attracted the nurse attention where she came to check out what had happened in the wad. We told him that this will not enough for him to fill up his time for the next 3 days, he quickly draw a book from his beg and pretending that he is reading it with full interest. When we find out that the book is about his favorite's audio amplifiers, we start to laugh again...

星期四 Thursday


After 24 hours with no fever symptom, Heng and I were so relieved to hear Dr Jaya announced that we are able to discharge today. We quickly pack our stuff and start counting down impatiently after our breakfast. We were so glad that we finally can go home to online, where we concluded that it was very painful for not able to hook online comparing to not having a tv in the wad for 3 days. =p


At last, we were informed that we can discharge at 1130am. While waiting for the lift to exit 4th floor of building E, I snapped the last photo of my trip - the great door that isolate H1N1 virus from the outside world. Hehe...


Blogger tan_tan said...

Such a detail visit description.... Haha. Good thing is you able to climb up and req to be admitted to hosp. Glad that everyone is ok now.

Monday, July 20, 2009 4:57:00 AM  
Blogger el1981 said...

Not too detail la... Left over quite some tiny tiny item liao...
I can't sleep the whole night, waking up every hour to drink water and go toilet... The wet towel that I put on forehead actually helps to reduce the temperature a lot...
That night, I was so regret that I gave Heng my last 2 panadol when we are at Bali =p

Monday, July 20, 2009 9:44:00 PM  

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