Friday, August 07, 2009

Pisang, not Pizza !

I brought back some Pisang when go back kampung last weekend. I bring those that turned yellow this morning as breakfast in the office. In the lift to office, met the 2 funny S-es and we had conversation as below -

Me : Hey, Small S ! I brought some Pisang today, want to try ? Nice one ler~
Small S : ( Look at me w/o turning her head ) Monkey !
Me : ( Pretend to look around ) What monkey ? Where ? Where ?
Small S : Only monkey eats Pisang...
Me : Wei wei... How can you talk to me like that when I try to make friends by treating you Pisang ?
Big S : Pisang ? We don't want. If Pizza then of course we want la~
Big S & Small S : ( While walking out of the lift ) Wahahaha...

Embarrassed. I never know so many people don't like to eat Pisang.


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