Saturday, August 08, 2009

黑武士 Darth Vader


I went to Dataran Pahlawan today and found that there were a lot of Darth Vader ( from Star Wars ) around me. But they were not exactly like Darth Vader, just his brothers that come with white or green color.
Thanks to the serious haze and A influenza, a lot of people ( especially tourist ) are wearing mask when they move around, including those employees of the Dataran itself.
In the cinema, I also realized that many audience were wearing their mask during the show. Coincidentally, there is a Japanese ninja that always wearing a black mask in the movie. It was so funny to look at those white / green masks watching black mask's action on screen.
In summary, everybody is afraid of death. Only few of us that stay in the hospital before are still dumb enough to ignore the threat.
At night, we were drinking at Geographer and one of the waitress was wearing a mask too. When the moment one of the friend that try to place an order wave at her and call : "Darth Vader !", all of us feel so embarrassed sitting around the same table as him. @.@


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