Friday, August 28, 2009

第九个月 Ramadan


总是很期待马来新年的到来,因为……又有假期了!嘻嘻 ;)

当然,我也很期待能够有机会早回家去逛售卖开斋美食的市集。很怀念美味的黄姜饭和夹有牛肉的印度飞饼,虽然这些食物都很容易让人发胖 >_<

Ramadan started 1 week ago and Aidilfitri is just another 3 more weeks to go...

Had been waiting for Aidilfitri to arrive as I'll have holidays again ! Hehe ;)

Of course, I'm also very excited to find a chance for leaving the office early so that I can go for food hunt at the Ramadan market. I miss the Nasi Briyani and Murtabak so much, altho these foods are very fattening food >_<


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